Multi-scale, Multi-physics Software Frameworks
(in MODEST and Elsewhere)


During the last year we have begun to experiment with different methods of tying together modules modeling stellar dynamics, stellar evolution, and stellar collisions within a high-level programming environment. First results of this effort can be found on the MUSE wiki page. However, it is clear that integration of programs written in many different languages, and describing many different complex physical processes, is itself a very complex task, and not unique to our field. We will invite experts with hands-on expertise in building frameworks in different areas of computational science. Their presentations will form the foundation for a group discussion of constructing frameworks for modeling, analyzing, and visualizing dense stellar systems in astrophysics.

MODEST-7c will take place on September 15, 2006, in the Paul Peck Alumni Center of Drexel University, Philadelphia. Admission is free, but please send e-mail to steve (at) if you are interested in attending.


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