MODEST Working Group 2:
Stellar Evolution

Stars in clusters evolve, and this evolution provides a crucial feedback on the evolution of the cluster as a whole - through mass loss, interaction, and collisions between stars. Conversely, the dynamical cluster environment strongly modifies the evolution of many of its members, and the often exotic stars that result can be an important diagnostic of the (hydro)dynamical processes that take place.

Our challenge is to model the evolution of any star that can be present in a dense cluster, whether single, binary or a member of a higher-order multiple. This includes non-canonical stars that result from stellar mergers and collisions. We thus require a stellar evolution code that can run autonomously from an arbitrary initial configuration to the end of a star's nuclear and thermal evolution. The code should be sufficiently fast so as not grind a cluster simulation to a halt. Above all, it should be robust and give a meaningful result under any conceivable circumstance.

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