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Educational program for integrating SeBa binary evolution with simple stellar dynamics. The dynamics is based on binary scattering in a multi-mass field of stars with uniform density and velocity dispersion, using the scattering cross section of Giersz (MNRAS, 2001, 324, 218-30).

A paper describing the package in detail can be found here.

Download the entire source code of McScatter.tar.gz

McScatter.tar.gz contains the following files:
README This file
Makefile Makefile (based on starlab distribution 4.1.1 or earlier)
McScatter.f Monte-Carlo driver for performing scattering experiments between a (pre-determined) binary and a population of single star (selected randomly from an IMF). includes binary evolution from SeBa (Portegies Zwart & Verbunt, 1996, A&A 309, 179).
evolveSS.f Single star evolution from SeBa without scattering.
evolveBS.f Binary star evolution from SeBa without scattering.
interface_SeBa.h Header file for SeBa interface.
interface_SeBa.C Single star and binary star evolution interface. requires starlab version 4.1.1 to compile.
ran2.C Numerical Recipes (Press et al.) random number generator
example.in example input file for McScatter
example.log example log file for McScatter
example.out example output file for McScatter
SeBa.data Diagnostic output from SeBa. This file is further processed with roche. The output if this exercise is listen in the table below (roche.log, SeBa_xxxx.gif and SeBa_xxxx.txt).
binev.data Diagnostic output from SeBa.
McScatter.txt Text version of manybody.org/McScatter html page.

Typical command line (generates : McScatter.out and McScatter.log)
% (McScatter < McScatter.in > McScatter.out )>& McScatter.log

Further processing of the data file SeBa.data. Typical command line (generates : roche.log, SeBa_xxxx.gif and SeBa_xxxx.txt)
% (roche < SeBa.data > )>& roche.log

roche.log log file from roche.
SeBa_0001.gif Output gif file from roche, representing an image of the binary system. Subsequent files (SeBa_0003.gif, SeBa_0004.gif, SeBa_0006.gif---SeBa_0009.gif and SeBa_0011.gif---SeBa_0014.gif) show later evolutionary stages of the same binary.
SeBa_0002.txt Output text file from roche, summarizes the scattering encounters experienced by the binary. Subsequent files (SeBa_0005.txt and SeBa_0010.txt) contain information about subsequent McScatter events.

For more information see: http://www.manybody.org

27 January 2006
Douglas C. Heggie
Simon F. Portegies Zwart
Jarrod R. Hurley

Version log:
Version 1.1: Extended for use with roche by SPZ on 23 April 2003
Version 2: Integrated with BSE by SPZ and JH on 22 January 2006