> Reader for Roche

Roche is a visualization and analysis tool for drawing the Roche-lobe grometry of evolving binaries. Roche can be used as a standalone program reading data from the command line or from a file generated by SeBa. Eventually Roche will be able to read data from any other binary evolution program.

Roche requires Starlab (version 4.1.1 or later) and the pgplot libraries. The latest version of Starlab can be obtained from the starlab web site. The pgplot package can be obtained from the pgplot web site.

What the program does
roche.tar.gz contains the following files:

README This file
Makefile Makefile (based on starlab distribution 4.1.1 or earlier)
roche.C Takes binary parameters (semi-major axis, eccentricity, primary and secondary stellar parameters) and constructs a PostScript or other graphic format file of the Roche geometry and the stars.
roche.h Header file for roche.C
example.in Example input file, generated with SeBa
example.log Output from roche from the input file example.in
example.ps The resultant postscript file from running
% roche -f 2 < example.in
roche.txt Text version of the manybody.org/roche html page.

Typical command line (generates example.log and roche.ps)

% roche < example.in >& example.log

For an example of how roche works try http://www.manybody.org/cgi-bin/starlab/binary_demo.pl.
For more information see: http://manybody.org

26 February 2003
Simon F. Portegies Zwart