NEMO is a software environment for stellar dynamics. It has many tools to setup, integrate and analyze N-body datasets, as well as various derived types of data. A library of routines (mostly in C) is provided with which new programs can be written. Users invoke programs just like any other program within the Unix environment, and shell scripts can be efficiently used to orchestrate large and complex simulations.


The first version of NEMO was written in 1986/87 by Joshua Barnes, Piet Hut and Peter Teuben, while at the Institute for Advanced Study. Since then, it has expanded and included many utilities to initialize, integrate, analyze and visualize N-body data, and various new and related types of data, such as Orbits, Images, FITS files, and Tables. It has also been ported to a larger set of machines.


See our examples.


The current maintainer is Peter Teuben (teuben (at), with a large number of contributors. Regular updates of NEMO are available in source code (tar balls, as well as CVS) and binary form. The NEMO website ( contains more information.


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